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Amanda Field

Republic Arial Yoga
Houston, Texas
My name is Amanda Field, and I am a Yoga Advocate, Student, and Teacher.
12 years ago, I became fully invested in my practice while managing a lot of stress, unhealthy relationships, and an unsatisfying job. Through my time spent on my mat, I grew profoundly. I found peace and solace, realized and recognized that yoga helps manage my anxiety, and cultivated tremendous muscular growth and body health. I was able to redirect external forces and limiting beliefs through my yoga practice. One of the single greatest gifts that the Practice gives you is clarity around who you are or aren't, and from this space, you can chose to address your needs...
When I realized how powerful the Practice was, I knew I had to give back. Initially, I only taught because I was asked to - not because I had a desire to, however, as I connected with more people, healthier people, individuals who made time to sit with themselves in the space, I knew I had an obligation to share my experience with others. I am a certified Texas Teacher EC-6, and I believe my training in working with little children is what has most properly equipped me to work with grown ups and all individuals' needs. I love watching and enhancing learning experiences. As a child I wanted to be a zoologist. I love the Science behind yoga, and asking "why?" which has landed me in some tight spaces, but hey, I'm flexible;)

My Formal Training is in Hatha, Aerial, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, & Kids Yoga. I am the Founder of Republic Aerial Yoga, the host of "Conversations with Yoga Teachers", and
I am also the patent holder and Creator/Inventor of The YogaTriangle.